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Sun Safety this Summer!

Yes, we all can agree that sunscreen can be a bother. You can't seem to win with it; you're either covered in the greasy mess of a regular lotion, clogging every single pore you have, or you run the risk of getting spotty coverage and awkward tan lines with a spray nozzle sunscreen. Not to mention the wait time for it to dry or the questionable ingredients in some of the over-the-counter sunscreens.

However, the pros of wearing sunscreen outweigh the cons any day of the week. If dealing with greasy lotions and the wait time for drying means a better chance at fighting off the sun's harmful rays and the problems that accompany it, we're all in and you should be too!

It's great for your skin in more ways than one! Check out the graphic below to see just a few of the benefits that sunscreen offers!

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